Sea Turtle Photo Contest Entry

I just entered this photo in a contest featuring sea creatures.  The photo was captured in January 2008 with a Nikon D300 camera and Nikon 18-200 mm zoom lens set at focal length 65 mm, aperture f/10, shutter speed 1/400 second, and ISO speed 800.  If you would like a print or canvas of this photo, please contact me.

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Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle
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Married to my wife of 47 years, Barbara. Two adopted grandsons, Jim age 13, and Billy, age 8. Retired from the Air Force Reserve after 26 years in 1993. Retired from Air Force civil service with 34 years of service in 2000. Worked an additional 7 years for General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems before finally leaving the workforce. Hobbies include working around the house, exercising our Labradoodle Shadow, travel, and photography. My photo equipment includes a Nikon D7100 camera, several Nikon lenses, a Nikon SB-700 speedlight, a Manfrotto tripod, a Kodak monopod, and assorted filters. I use Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS6 for post processing and ProShow Producer software for producing slide shows (mostly about travel) set to music.

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